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LOKI is looking for her Forever Home!


LOKI – cross-breed – approx 8 months – Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire
This delightful package is LOKI. It’s hard to pinpoint what her exact breed mix is as we suspect there are several in the pot, but Collie, Staffie and Whippet or some other sighthound breed have all been suggested…as has Jack Russell! Whatever she is she is utterly wonderful and since arriving in her foster home has not set a paw wrong.
Loki is sharing the home with 4 other dogs, both male and female, not all are yet neutered, and there have been no issues between them. She accepts her place in the pack and sees her role very much as the puppy, having a very happy disposition and a desire to play. She may prove too playful for a lazy or elderly dog, but a placid one that is able to calmly tell her ‘enough’ is accepted. She is equally friendly with new dogs she meets on walks, although again her enthusiasm to say hello and play must be watched if the other dog is not welcoming.
Loki currently enjoys 4 walks a day, 3 of around ½ hour each and one of an hour. She does need regular walks and would not suit an inactive home, so we are looking for a family or active couple who enjoy the outdoors and are committed to the ongoing lifetime needs of a lively, playful and happy dog that would thrive in such a home.
Lead work is in progress, and whilst Loki can pull a little she is learning to stop at the kerb, to wait when asked and to focus on her person. Her new owner will need to continue reinforcing this training to ensure she does not forget these important new skills.
Loki is excellent with people and greets them with enthusiasm but without being overly bouncy. She does not currently live with children, and whilst she has been well behaved with any she has met out and about, with her lively young nature we would advise homing with children aged 10 and over.
As with many young dogs who have spent some time in kennels, Loki does suffer from separation stress and so we will not home to full time working homes. She does need someone at home for much of the day, able to work with her on building up the time period she is left slowly and gradually over the weeks. For this reason also, we would prefer to home where there is a resident dog, ideally one which is equally playful and active to match her energy levels, but also steady and confident, with a placid tolerant manner and good manners to help guide and teach Loki.
Although still only a youngster Loki is 100% house-trained, has no food or toy possession behaviour, is friendly at the vets, tolerates bathing and grooming and although she has not had an opportunity to experience car travel she has been on public transport and traveled well.
Loki is fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and we are currently in discussion with a vet about spaying as her season history is unknown and she is at an age where he feels she may be due a season. Should she not be spayed prior to homing she will be homed under a Neutering Contract, which must be adhered to and will be followed up on to ensure this has been carried out within a reasonable period of time.
Anyone wishing to discuss Loki or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Loki you are interested in.
A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

If you have any further questions, or are interested in adopting a dog, please contact Loving Homes Dog Rescue in the first instance. We rehome dogs right across the UK. 🙂

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