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SNOWIE’s looking for a forever home…


Your chance to adopt a lovely puppy who will give you years of joy, affection and companionship. 🙂

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Another first!

Another first!

Yesterday evening we were sat watching Britain’s Got Talent and Zeus had been dozing in the play pen, whilst Flake was asleep on the sofa. Nick’s in considerable pain with two cracked ribs from coughing, so he sat alone on the small sofa. Normally, Flake will lay with him, but she knows he’s unwell, so she settled for the other sofa with me!

Zeus woke up and whined to come out, so I opened the door for him, let him out into the garden and then he trotted back in, tail wagging as usual – he’s such a happy, cheeky boy! Now, bear in mind he’s been with us since January, learning to live, eat and play alongside a much bigger, (not so much any more!!), older Staffy cross, who’s a complete “Prima Donna”. She has mood swings, comes into season despite being spayed, and pretty much had our attention full-time until he arrived…

It’s been stressful at times, watching over them as they get “toy-possessive”, compete for treats, etc. You’ve seen the way they play together, teeth bared, jaws interlocking, charging around madly – it can feel alarming and almost overwhelming sometimes, trying to keep them safe and happy.

Last night we had such a lovely breakthrough moment. Zeus came up on the sofa between me and Flake and my immediate thought was, ‘Here we go – I’ll have to stop them play-fighting any minute!’ Instead, Zeus curled up in a ball, nestled tight into Flake and went to sleep! I almost had tears in my eyes… This is what we’d been hoping for – that they’d play together, eat and drink together, but ultimately, that they’d curl up on the sofa and sleep together.

And they did, last night. 🙂

Of course, today’s another day, so it might not happen again, but we’ll see!!


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Anco roots and post-op. Zeus

It’s been an extremely hectic couple of weeks here. Hubby’s been organising a Charity Fundraiser Fishing Match for Reels On Wheels to raise money for “A Day to Remember” and I’ve been helping out, as he’s been so busy building the new website for it! We used to hold a Fishing Festival every year, but there wasn’t much enthusiasm for it the last couple of years – money’s tight, people have passed away, etc. etc.

Since he had cancer, Nick has become obsessed with living a fuller life – understandable – and also set up a pet project (A Day to Remember), where he takes anglers with a terminal illness away for 24 hours and gives them a chance to enjoy a day away from all their troubles, to relax in lovely surroundings (whatever the weather), and fish. Possibly for the last time…  So obviously, he needs lots of support and the momentum is growing!

Nick fishes big and often prestigious Carp competitions to raise awareness for disabled anglers, and to encourage others to not give up, just because they have health issues. I am so proud of him! 🙂

Anyway, back to the dogs – Zeus had his castration op. last Friday, as per our adoption agreement and the Vets rang Nick  at 1pm while I was at work,  to say he had been done and was in recovery, would he like to collect him early? Apparently he was super-stressed, lying in the cage, whining his little heart out! So Nick and DD collected him and brought him home. He was very lethargic and sleepy for the rest of the day and he struggled to get up the stairs that night.

It’s been very warm here lately and we found Zeus was overheating, particularly at night… So that he didn’t jump on the bed, I carried Flake’s plastic bed up for him – of course he jumped on the bed anyway, but he did end up getting back down, sleeping in it later… So today we went out and bought him his own smaller bed for night times – yay, we got our bed back!!!

Whilst we were there, we also picked up a couple of these: Anco roots – they LOVE them! It’s made a huge difference this afternoon – just a bit of swapping and stealing!! Less fighting though… and to be fair they were getting a bit bored with the stag bars/antlers.

Anco tree roots

Anco tree roots

An eco-friendly, 100% natural chew treat/toy. This is where we bought them – and why!!

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Happiness is…

Having two dogs that play together, eat and sleep together. I can’t believe how far these two have come since January when Zeus first entered our home. I have lots of new footage to share – just waiting on himself (Nick), to edit and upload to Youtube…

Meanwhile, today has been hectic and the dogs have been playing outside in the sunshine for the last couple of hours, getting hot and bothered, calming down and coming in for a drink and a bite to eat, and then flying back outdoors again for more play!

We have been introducing the concept of Tug-of-war as an alternative to just eating each other’s faces when playing, and so far they are having fun – even the growling is occasional and appears to be non-threatening (although we do keep an eye on them, just in case).

Here’s a short video of them sharing a piece of toast…

Zeus & Flake were playing outside together while I was making toast for breakfast. Flake can smell a piece of toast from 50 yards, so she came running into the kitchen – and where she goes, Zeus follows.
We got into the toast habit with our old dog Thor (who passed in December last year), and it has become a routine that when we have toast, the dogs get a piece to share too…
It was Zeus’s first time, outside of his playpen, so he did really well.
It’s amazing to think he’s only been with us since January, as he’s come such a long way!

Sharing really is caring!!


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Rough and tumble, Staffy-style!

Here’s some video footage of Zeus and Flake at play. It real rough-housing, closely supervised. Notice the lack of snarling or growling – they just play rough! There’s no animosity there at all, which is great… However, we keep an eye on them so that there are no injuries.

Once Zeus is fully grown, we shall be able to leave them to their own devices, but until then, we allow them 3 or 4 play sessions every day. 🙂

I used my phone for the footage so the quality’s not great, but it’s so much fun to capture those moments spontaneously.

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Cookie Monsters!

We had another first in our rescue dog house yesterday. After playing together, as per the short video, both dogs slept well! Later in the evening, DD had the munchies and got out the rest of the chocolate chip cookies in the packet. Zeus and Flake had been asleep on the sofas, but like most dogs, they can hear a packet opening at half a mile away!

I was a little concerned about their competitive natures leading to a scene, which might turn ugly, but will you look at these two?



Now these dogs get such a bad press, but can you see any evidence of malice or aggression in those 2 faces? No, me either… And look at that little paw on the cushion – he’s completely focused on getting a piece of cookie!

Is there any more?

Is there any more?

And they waited with great patience until the last cookie had been eaten. Of course they got some too (minus the chocolatey bits!).

I kid you not, I love these dogs. They are my friends and my family. I’d rather flee my home and this country, than let some officious know-it-all take either of them based on what he/she “thinks” they know about BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION. I’ll fight them as hard as I would anyone who tried – erroneously – to take my child.

These two are also my children, part of Our Pack.

And, I am an Alpha Female…

More information on the BSL arguments and organisations involved:



Deed not Breed

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

BSL by Animal Rights Action

and there are many more…

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Cute alert!

Or maybe not – after all, seeing two staffies with their jaws round each other may not seem so cute, but when I tell you that Flake (the bigger white one), instigated their play, you might be surprised. She’s the older one, Queen of the Castle, as it were, so when she makes a move like that, it suggests acceptance of Zeus…

She did take him her new toy (his green Air Kong which he never plays with), and as soon as he got hold of it, she shook hard so he disengaged, and swaggered off!! Bitch, right? Right, lol!

I managed to capture a little of the action for you though:


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Super supervised play!

Zeus still spends a good part of the day in the puppy play pen, but he also has at least one supervised play session with Flake outside the pen. Today, DD got some superb shots of just how they play and why supervision is absolutely essential.

Meeting at the door

Meeting at the door

Flake was outside and Zeus was due to go out after his lunch. He licked her face in greeting…

It's a "rollover"!

It’s a “rollover”!

Flake rolls over onto her back, ‘submitting’ to Zeus… briefly!

Mouth-to-mouth, Staffy-style

Mouth-to-mouth, Staffy-style

They literally hold each other’s jaws. This can look threatening, but you get used to it. There’s no noise, no barking, no snarling, it’s just how they play!


All paws and teeth!

All paws and teeth!

They use their paws a lot too, but need supervision as Flake is so very much heavier and stronger than Zeus – remember, although he’s growing, he’s still just over 5 months old.

Mexican standoff?

Mexican standoff?

They do make some throaty noises, but it’s more like loud groaning. If their tone changes to something more aggressive, they are separated and then allowed together again to continue this energetic play!



His paws this time...

His paws this time…





So it looks quite ferocious, and it takes some getting used to. Heaven knows how much time they’ll spend like this once he’s bigger!! 🙂

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Zeus is just over 5 months old now and he’s developing so beautifully. Today we had some lovely sunshine and DD took him outside onto the decking and lay there, taking pics of him, whilst we were out. What she captured is wonderful and I hope my edits have done them justice.

Zeus is one very photogenic Staffy!!

"Curious George!"

“Curious George!”

Look at the tilt of that head!




He’s so alert! Loves to watch birds fly overhead…


Yes, he tries to eat pebbles…


Ignores commands…


Eventually does as you ask…


And I love that little patch of white on his chin! 😀


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Learning to love one another…

So Zeus is now nearly 5 months old, growing beautifully, getting new teeth and developing his own character. He has the worst Staffy trait ever – stubborn as hell, but also the best – total willingness to please you! How to reconcile these two – one day I may discover the secret, but for now it eludes me.

He and Flake are getting to know each for longer periods every day. In the evenings when we sit in front of the telly, he comes out and lays on the sofa, happily chewing on a stag bar. Flake then chooses when she will come and greet him, and how long she’ll put up with his big puppy paws round her face and over her eyes! Last night, she came to play for the first time ever.

It started out calmly, with lots of mutual ear-licking and a bit of nibbling by Zeus. I had a loose (but secure), grip on his collar so that I could pull him away if he stressed her out, or vice versa.

Suddenly, the big girl lay down and rolled onto her back, he leant forward and they played the “Staffy-snarly” game, which looks a bit like mouth-to-mouth with teeth! Once this happens on a more regular basis, we’ll film it and I’ll post it on here – but for now, my hands are otherwise occupied and my senses on high alert!

However, Nick took a couple of pics with his phone…



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