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Loving Homes Dog Rescue’s Dog of the Week….

Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

XENA – Crossbreed – 3 years – Orkney

XENA is a beautiful 3 year old Crossbreed currently located in the Orkney Isles.
She could be homed with a large male dog who is tolerant but robust; Xena plays very hard and needs supervision, correction and ‘time outs’ with this to ensure safe playtimes.

She has never shown aggression to dogs she meets on walks, but has a tendency to be over excitable and domineering and would possibly scare some dogs. Continued work on her manners will be needed.

Xena is high energy and her usual walk and exercise routine comprises of some good off lead run and play time. Her recall is poor though, responding better to a whistle than voice, but still with work needed to be consistent. The occasional missed walk does not cause a problem, but she will need at least one long active walk, or a shorter walk with an off lead play session daily as a rule. Xana is not for couch potatoes wink emoticon

Once on lead Xena can walk well, unless distracted when she will pull hard. However she is responsive to voice command and will need ongoing training to improve her focus and response.

Xena must NOT be allowed offlead around livestock. She has a high prey drive, which is now controlled but will need ongoing training, and cannot be homed with cats or small furries. She will also chase birds.

Whilst Xena does need an experienced and knowledgeable home, she loves people and is keen to greet them. This can be exuberant at times, so she will not be homed where there are children under 12, or elderly/frail residents for their own safety.

Xena has shown no food, treat or toy possessiveness or aggression and has learned to leave, or sit for food and treats and wait when told. This will need continued reinforcement, and she may attempt to snaffle food from a hand if it was in reach, or from a low lying table.

She travels well in a car, crated and harnessed. She has also traveled loose on occasion without incident.

She can be left for short periods at home without problems, although rubbish bins should be well secured away, and is fine when crated. She will sleep alone in a kitchen, or crated, and settle at night without issue.

Xena is a wriggly girl when being groomed but enjoys it. She is ok to bath and wipe her paws, and being short coated needs little in the way of major attention in this area.

All in all Xena is a happy, very bouncy girl. She loves attention and people but she would need an owner very aware of her prey drive (although this is workable) and able to deal with her strength. She would need ongoing training with a confident owner. Could that be you?

Xena is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Anyone wishing to discuss Xena or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Xena you are interested in.

A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

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More Pawsomeness!

Well, the dogs were over the moon with their Pawsome Box… It contained a tug rope with a ball, which kept them both occupied for a couple of days, and was the first item that Flake removed from the box!


There was another toy too – a pink squeaky pig, which was very soft rubber and rather cute. We gave that to Ambs for her kitten, Mr Pies. Our dogs’ jaws are too strong for this cute piggy and I’m sure they’d have eaten the squeaker too!

Zeus often gets “itchy ears” and we had to take him to the Vet’s with a couple of ear infections, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of Ear Cleaner liquid in the box – that will come in very handy indeed! Every other week we clean out his ears to keep them free from infection, so this is a godsend.


The little red item with a black cross in the centre is a very clever poo-bag dispenser with a plastic clip on it for bagging “doodies” when you’re out walking – another little treasure. The dogs also enjoyed the “Fresh Breath Rolls” – yummy, was the verdict! I like the cheesy chicken strips too – they’re thin and chewy, can’t be swallowed whole, which is always a bonus if you have greedy dogs – and Staffies are notoriously greedy!! Ours will do anything for a treat, literally, but go deaf on “commands”!


Flake and Zeus were really tired after lunch, all thanks to the excitement of a visit from Ambs and the Pawsome Box arriving, but they did allow time for a few photos!! This is loving girl, Flake… and next, Zeus with his Happy Face on!!

Laughing boy!

Laughing boy!

I’ve been baking for them too and will share some more photos and recipes in the next few days. Although the wind is cold, the advent of more sunny mornings makes it plain that Spring is here and that means spring-cleaning, decluttering and preparing the garden for container growing of salad and herbs. I’m comping madly to win enough to pave the stony area and replace the rotting decking. Wish me luck! 🙂

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Pawsome Box is awesome!

Just a quick post, as I’ve been having photo lessons from my daughter today and my brain is fried! Zeus and Flake’s Pawsome Box arrived today and they had a lot of fun with the contents…


Her’s a collage of us and the contents – I’ll post properly tomorrow with a full description of the contents, and my views. We won this lovely box in a competition last month, so I feel very privileged to have received it! 🙂

Amber introduced me to some new apps for my smart phone and iPad Air, – Retrica, Pic Collage and Be Funky – which means I shall be taking and editing a lot more pics of the dogs and posting more often now I know some tricks and shortcuts!!

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Zeus is just over 5 months old now and he’s developing so beautifully. Today we had some lovely sunshine and DD took him outside onto the decking and lay there, taking pics of him, whilst we were out. What she captured is wonderful and I hope my edits have done them justice.

Zeus is one very photogenic Staffy!!

"Curious George!"

“Curious George!”

Look at the tilt of that head!




He’s so alert! Loves to watch birds fly overhead…


Yes, he tries to eat pebbles…


Ignores commands…


Eventually does as you ask…


And I love that little patch of white on his chin! 😀


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Ups and downs…

When I started to blog about the dogs, owning rescue dogs and bringing two up together, I was filled with enthusiasm and energy. Since Nick and I became ill, I am finding it so hard to remain motivated – the idea of a Journal-style blog and daily updates is way in the past… But I still want to write about our experiences and both dogs are so photogenic, with such expressive faces, that it’d be a shame not to have a record of the journey.

So, much to catch up on: Nick and I are hopefully through the worst of this appalling flu virus that has almost sucked the life out of us – fingers crossed it’s almost over!

LOve our nap-time Dad, xo

LOve our nap-time Dad, xo

Zeus continues to delight with his antics, his developing character and his intelligence – coupled with a willingness to please, bordering on slavishness!! These dogs are so happy to learn and so happy to make you happy that training them is less a chore, than a challenge…

Then, when the boy’s tired, well you get this kind of shot:


He turned 4 months old yesterday, so I don’t expect he’ll fit in the basket for much longer! I’m posting some pics of him at play tomorrow – he has discovered a new “buddy”…

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Zeus goes wild!!

In this short video, Zeus found his voice and a lot of energy! He’s fast and a bit nuts, so very much a Staffy! He’s a bit bigger now and can’t fit under the little benches anymore (not without his backside sticking out!).

I love seeing him like this, showing off his character… 🙂

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You gotta love a Staffy!

This is our Flake – well, okay, technically she’s DD’s dog… but I can’t emphasise enough to people who have never considered a “bull breed” as a pet, that a Staffy (even a Staffy-cross), will make you the best family pet ever.

We had spagbol for tea the other night, and Flake decided to get up on the dining chair next to me, in the hope that I might leave a few bits of spaghetti – fat chance! She is such a poser. Look at her face!

Spaghetti for me too?

Spaghetti for me too?

She sat patiently waiting while I tucked a napkin into her collar and just looked at Nick as he took this pic! She’s so giving, in every way!

What other dog would sit bolt upright at the table, and just look at you like she does – what a complete character…


We have nicknamed this “Staffitude”. They all have it, in varying degrees. Zeus is developing his defiant attitude, even at 12 weeks of age. He and Flake are play-fighting at “snarlies” as I type… He will bark at her if she gets up for a break, calling her back.

He also can see into the kitchen from his playpen, and makes me fully aware of his disapproval when I’m cooking and Flake is sitting watchfully on the kitchen mat, in case I should drop any tasty morsel! I’ll have to video it and post here, he’s so funny!

You’ll never be short of a cuddle or a lick when you own one of these amazing dogs… 🙂

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