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Loving Homes Dog Rescue’s Dog of the Week….

Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

XENA – Crossbreed – 3 years – Orkney

XENA is a beautiful 3 year old Crossbreed currently located in the Orkney Isles.
She could be homed with a large male dog who is tolerant but robust; Xena plays very hard and needs supervision, correction and ‘time outs’ with this to ensure safe playtimes.

She has never shown aggression to dogs she meets on walks, but has a tendency to be over excitable and domineering and would possibly scare some dogs. Continued work on her manners will be needed.

Xena is high energy and her usual walk and exercise routine comprises of some good off lead run and play time. Her recall is poor though, responding better to a whistle than voice, but still with work needed to be consistent. The occasional missed walk does not cause a problem, but she will need at least one long active walk, or a shorter walk with an off lead play session daily as a rule. Xana is not for couch potatoes wink emoticon

Once on lead Xena can walk well, unless distracted when she will pull hard. However she is responsive to voice command and will need ongoing training to improve her focus and response.

Xena must NOT be allowed offlead around livestock. She has a high prey drive, which is now controlled but will need ongoing training, and cannot be homed with cats or small furries. She will also chase birds.

Whilst Xena does need an experienced and knowledgeable home, she loves people and is keen to greet them. This can be exuberant at times, so she will not be homed where there are children under 12, or elderly/frail residents for their own safety.

Xena has shown no food, treat or toy possessiveness or aggression and has learned to leave, or sit for food and treats and wait when told. This will need continued reinforcement, and she may attempt to snaffle food from a hand if it was in reach, or from a low lying table.

She travels well in a car, crated and harnessed. She has also traveled loose on occasion without incident.

She can be left for short periods at home without problems, although rubbish bins should be well secured away, and is fine when crated. She will sleep alone in a kitchen, or crated, and settle at night without issue.

Xena is a wriggly girl when being groomed but enjoys it. She is ok to bath and wipe her paws, and being short coated needs little in the way of major attention in this area.

All in all Xena is a happy, very bouncy girl. She loves attention and people but she would need an owner very aware of her prey drive (although this is workable) and able to deal with her strength. She would need ongoing training with a confident owner. Could that be you?

Xena is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Anyone wishing to discuss Xena or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Xena you are interested in.

A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

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PRINCE looking for his Forever Home


Our beautiful Prince is seeking the family who will love him all his life……he is a gentle, loving dog but shy and sensitive, all he needs is love and security. Please note, anyone applying for Prince will have to be prepared to visit and meet him here, he will not be re-homed without meet and greet initially. ❤

NB: Prince is in Orkney, Scotland.

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The dogs enjoying the sunshine!

Zeus and Flake have had a lot of fun sunbathing, playing and sleeping lately. The weather has been gloriously sunny, although the air temperature has dropped considerably now… Here are a few fun photos the kids managed to get on Sunday of Flake, and yesterday, of Zeus. Both dogs appear to be enjoying posing in sunglasses…

Flake's "Robert DeNiro" look...

Flake’s “Robert DeNiro” look…

They're both gorgeous!

They’re both gorgeous!



Dis is mah smug face.... 'cos I has swagger!

Dis is mah smug face…. ‘cos I has swagger!

Priceless! I am so thankful for the modern technology that makes these memories for us. Such happy faces! 🙂

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New dog biscuits recipe…

A friend involved in dog rescue sent me a book last year from Parragon Books called Dog Treats and I’ve made a few of the recipes – Tuna Triangles being a favourite. However, there are a lot of ingredients in these recipes which are a bit specialist, like Spelt flour which isn’t always easy to come by/inexpensive.

I am becoming more confident baking for the dogs, so I adapt the recipes I use to suit my 2: They don’t do well with liver – it gives them the runs… so I use fish (sardines or tuna) instead. This batch of reward biscuits were made with ham and cheese and I made 1 and a half times the amount so they’d go a bit further. Instead of wholewheat flour, I used cornmeal for a crisper biscuit; grated cheddar instead of parmesan and shredded wafer thin ham. I also added a tbsp of poppy seeds for texture.

Reward Biscuits recipe

Reward Biscuits recipe

Step 1

Step 1

Poppy seeds & egg

Poppy seeds & egg

The dough

The dough

Bring it all together with a fork and then add enough water to make it manageable!

Rolled out to about 1cm thick

Rolled out to about 1cm thick

Tip: I use a silicone baking sheet for my dough. It’s brilliant because I don’t have to use extra flour when rolling out as the dough doesn’t stick to it.

Cut into bite-sized biscuits on a baking sheet

Cut into bite-sized biscuits on a baking sheet

These are baked at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes and then left to dry out in the oven till cold. They are tasty, crunchy and nutritious – the dogs love them. I often pop a sweet potato in the oven to bake when I’m cooking, to add to the dogs’ food in the mornings. It’s a really nice treat for them and makes a change from just dry food. A large baked one lasts them 3-4 days and they really enjoy it.

The left-over chicken version, without poppy seeds

The left-over chicken version, without poppy seeds

I baked these this morning! They keep well in the tin which I picked up for £1 at B&M Stores in Mansfield 🙂

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Unconditional love leads to…

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

This photo personifies the unconditional these two have for each other.

Thanks to our DD’s adoption of Flake, we adopted Zeus after our old boy passed. We love him to bits, already! We are heavily involved in helping and supporting our friends Chris and Paula who run Loving Homes Dog Rescue, and to that end, DD has become “Foster Co-ordinator”  and we are her lieutenants!

Her role is to keep a check on all the LHDR dogs currently in foster, support and help them wherever necessary. That’s quite a responsibility for a 19-year old – especially as she’s there for them 24/7! We have a Facebook group solely for Fosterers where they can post messages and photos so we can share how the dogs are doing and help with any problems.

So far, so good. This will enable Chris and Paula to free up a bit of their time doing all the other work needed to ensure the safety and rescue of more dogs. We are all also looking at ways to raise much needed funds to continue the work…

There is a Donate button on the website and I’ll advertise any campaigns we come up with here too. 🙂

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Cookie Monsters!

We had another first in our rescue dog house yesterday. After playing together, as per the short video, both dogs slept well! Later in the evening, DD had the munchies and got out the rest of the chocolate chip cookies in the packet. Zeus and Flake had been asleep on the sofas, but like most dogs, they can hear a packet opening at half a mile away!

I was a little concerned about their competitive natures leading to a scene, which might turn ugly, but will you look at these two?



Now these dogs get such a bad press, but can you see any evidence of malice or aggression in those 2 faces? No, me either… And look at that little paw on the cushion – he’s completely focused on getting a piece of cookie!

Is there any more?

Is there any more?

And they waited with great patience until the last cookie had been eaten. Of course they got some too (minus the chocolatey bits!).

I kid you not, I love these dogs. They are my friends and my family. I’d rather flee my home and this country, than let some officious know-it-all take either of them based on what he/she “thinks” they know about BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION. I’ll fight them as hard as I would anyone who tried – erroneously – to take my child.

These two are also my children, part of Our Pack.

And, I am an Alpha Female…

More information on the BSL arguments and organisations involved:



Deed not Breed

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

BSL by Animal Rights Action

and there are many more…

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BSL – Breed Specific Legislation

Known to lovers and/or owners of pet “bull breeds” as the “Bull Shit Law”… Even the RSPCA are against it. Here’s their view:

What is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was rushed through Parliament in response to media and public pressure following a string of high profile dog attacks. Under the Act ‘Breed Specific Legislation’ (BSL) prohibits the ownership of certain ‘types’ (the dogs are not a recognised ‘breeds’ in the UK) of dogs the most popular prohibited ‘type’ is the pit bull terrier.

There’s a video explanation made by them HERE.


We agree wholeheartedly with what they say – after all, we own 2 very loving bull breeds, as you’ve read on my blog, and seen from my photos. I hope you enjoy this slideshow…

I have some more photos of the quickly-growing puppy to share, plus a brief video! I’ll be back to blogging properly again soon – now Nick’s back home from the hospital (again!) …

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Happiness is…

Short and sweet today – a Staffy smile!


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Be warned: You will need tissues (or kleenex)

I have referred to Chris Dannan and Loving Homes Dog Rescue before as this is where Flake came from. Before we moved back to the East Midlands, we lived down in Devon & Cornwall for 9 (mainly wet and miserable) years…

People always ask us why on earth we’d move back up here from “such a beautiful place”?
Simple answer: You can’t live on fresh air – roughly translated = there’s no non-seasonal work available for young people, and we have a 19 year old, bright, motivated, raring to work, daughter.

Complex answer: Nick had a tumour (yes, cancerous) in his neck. It took 11 weeks to get to see a Consultant, who said he needed surgery. Hospital round trip – 75 miles for Barnstaple, 101 miles for Exeter. He also had a BCC on his nose which needed to be removed. The Dermatology Clinic took about 3 months to schedule surgery, after which the graft and the graft site were both infected, the graft didn’t take and he lost half his nose on one side. (Note: Avoid the Litchden Clinic if you have a BCC that can be dealt with elsewhere…)

Solution: Move back to Mansfield, Notts. because a very good friend (also a cancer survivor), who owns a few properties to rent up here, bought a house specifically so that we could move back to what we consider ‘civilisation’. Within 6 weeks of moving back here, Nick had been referred to, and seen an Oncologist and was booked into Queen’s Medical Centre for throat surgery. Local to us is King’s Mill Hospital where he was first referred and Queen’s is in Nottingham itself, 40 minutes’ drive away. Big difference. So, that’s why we moved!!

Result: Happier family, healthier hubby, lower bills, better amenities and they treat people with facial “abnormalities” as normal human beings. No-one has pointed at Nick’s nose and muttered about it up here. Cancer, in particular skin cancer (BCCs, etc.) is pretty common these days – and widely talked about. People are so friendly up here too. The weather in this part of the country has been spectacular – we had months of sunshine last year – it was a bit like being abroad again!!

Anyway, we owe Chris a great debt of gratitude and Nick has just built a new website for Loving Homes Dog Rescue which rescues and rehomes dogs all over the UK. They are not a “breed specific” rescue, but they help a lot of Staffies and bull breeds as they need the most help these days.

They used to be based in Devon, but have relocated to the Orkneys where they have a far better base of operations. There’s a ton of useful info. on the website, along with contact details and if you have time, grab a coffee/tea and a box of tissues and read through the “Special Stories” section on the home page…

Here’s a video of Chris’s dog Ashar and how he was rescued –

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Day 3 – Saturday

We followed the same routine as yesterday – downstairs, out to wee and then breakfast, followed by a little runaround and then out again. I love Zeus’s early morning play-time:He’s so bouncy and fun to watch as he finds his feet. He explores every inch of the lounge/diner and he’s starting to respond to a firm “No”, when he gets too close to something he shouldn’t, or starts to bite the edge of the carpet, for example!

I noticed he was becoming increasingly chewy, so I gave him something healthy to chew on – half a peeled raw carrot. I had a couple left in the bottom of the fridge which weren’t too hard and I used to give Flake a cold baby carrot when she was teething last year. I figure, if it worked for her, the puppy might like them too. He does!

Throughout the day we let Flake sniff him when he came out of his crate to go outside, but didn’t let him loose with her. He pawed at her face and licked her nose. Slowly, she was getting used to his smell and hopefully accepting him. He really started to get his voice today – lots of whining and grumpiness from the crate – and at one point, I thought he was shouting!!

We ordered a large puppy play pen from Woof Products which I really hoped would arrive Monday or Tuesday. Although the crate was roomy enough for such a small mite, I was still so torn each time we put him back in it…

We took turns taking him into the kitchen at feeding time so that he could get used to each voice and of course, our cuddles! Yes, he was occasionally peeing on the paper we put down for him, but he’d miss more often than not, but our kitchen floor is tiled, so no biggie. I am using a fair amount of anti-bacterial spray, baby wipes and kitchen roll, but hey-ho!

Flake has taken to going upstairs to bed early in the evening, which leaves us free to let Zeus enjoy evening play-time too! Whether it’s his noise that irritates her, or she just wants DD’s bed to herself, I am so grateful! It’s made the bonding so much easier for us.

I don’t know if all Staffies do this, but ours seem to have an “energy switch” – all of a sudden they’ll charge round the room/outside at Greyhound speed, until the switch goes off again. Zeus runs up and down with a blue rubber ring in his mouth and ends up flat out wherever he drops!


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