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A wonderful success story – and a happy ending!

SOPHIE – Staffie x – approx 6 yrs – Redcliffe, Bristol

SOPHIE is a sweetheart who so deserves her forever home after everything she has been through. She does need something a bit special, but we know that the right home is out there for her, maybe with you?

This lovely girl would prefer to be the only dog in the home. Whilst she did previously live with 2 other dogs as time went on she began to feel the need to referee their play sessions and this led on to fighting. She is happier without those stress levels around her.

On walks also Sophie prefers to ignore other dogs, although will tolerate them as long as they don’t pester or hassle her. She will play fetch alongside another dog with no incidents, but should still be watched carefully just to be aware of any signs of anxiety or guarding.

Sophie recently suffered a neck injury, believed to have been sustained jumping from a counter. This caused something similar to whiplash and she was on steroids and reduced exercise while the inflammation and pain eased. It caused her to drag her front paws and she wore down her middle two claws to the point of bleeding. Whilst this is improving well, walks of longer than 20 minutes on pavement still cause scraping so she has little booties to wear which her foster Mum is happy to pass on. Although the pain appears to have gone (she was prescribed Tramadol as Metacam made her sick), she should be prevented from jumping heights or jarring needlessly.

As a result of this injury and reduced exercise Sophie gained some weight so is a little overweight at the moment. She gets tired after playing fetch for 10 minutes, but does love it, so play and exercise are important. She also enjoys her walks and manages an hour at walking pace. If a walk is missed due to illness or other commitments she does not pester and simply settles to the changed routine.

On or off lead Sophie is a dream. She walks beautifully on lead and only begins to pull when excited, but stops immediately she is told. Off lead she remains close, never losing sight of you, and her recall is 100%. Obviously in a new home a bond would need to be built before any off lead walking is undertaken, but in the right setting and once she has gained trust in her person she focuses totally on them.

Sophie is not good with small furries or woollies, so sadly we would not be able to home her where there are cats, rabbits or similar small pets or indeed around livestock.

On meeting new people Sophie tends to shy away and prefer to be left alone. She’s a shy girl who likes to make friends in her own time and at her own pace. Whilst she will not show any negative behaviour in terms of growling or lip curling, she will make her discomfort clear by turning her head away or physically moving away if she can. And whilst she has allowed unknown children to hug her without complaint, she is not used to children and has never lived with them, so with these factors combined we would like to find a quiet home with no resident children and no visiting young children where she has the sole company and attention of a gentle and patient Mum and/or Dad and time to bond with them. Sophie’s life before coming through Loving Homes Dog Rescue to her first home was one filled with neglect and breeding, and we need to know that for the rest of her life she will be treated like the special girl she is and her needs always respected.

Although Sophie doesn’t play much, she does love tennis balls, so prospective owners best stock up on those! She also loves her Kong filled with tasty treats, and frozen raw bones. She shows no possessiveness or guarding with people touching these and does not snatch.

Sophie used to suffer quite badly with separation anxiety, but it has improved well in her foster home where she has been left for 4 hours without noise or destructiveness. She also has a crate which has aided in her sense of security and independence, although it is left open for her to choose whether to use it. New owners should be aware however that a change of home and the unsettling of making a new bond may trigger this issue again, and it is important to be prepared to work on building up to leaving her slowly.

In the home Sophie is a very relaxed girl, and will happily sleep for long periods. She does not pester for attention or constant amusement, but does like to be close to you, especially when sleeping. She’s a real ‘cuddler’. She’s also a bit of a worrier, so her snuggling up is her security and reassurance that all’s well. She currently sleeps with her foster Mum in her bed, so prospective owners should be aware of this and consider whether this is something they would accept, or at least be willing to teach her to sleep in a bed alongside theirs. She may not adjust well to being expected to sleep downstairs alone after this time.

In many respects Sophie is a very easy girl. She travels quite well, and although she used to suffer from travel sickness this seems to have improved and she travels easily for a couple of hours. She needs very little grooming and is tolerant of being handled all over. She is good at having her front nails clipped (with the aid of treats), although a little fussier with the back. In the Summer she needs a little sunscreen on her nose, and in the Winter she feels the cold very easily so wears coats and pyjamas.

Sophie is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

She occasionally suffers from ‘Swimmers Tail’ and the vet has prescribed Tramadol for this. It is usually resolved in a day or 2.
**What is Swimmer’s Tail?
Swimmer’s Tail happens when a dog’s tail gets strained or sprained by activities such as swimming or playing. The tail will be sore and the dog may not be able to wag it or hold it up for a few days. It is most commonly seen in breeds who use their tails A LOT for swimming and wagging purposes 🙂
How is Swimmer’s Tail Treated?
A few days rest is the best treatment for swimmer’s tail. Most cases resolve themselves within a few days. Your veterinarian may prescribe a pain or anti-inflammatory medication if your dog is uncomfortable.**

Anyone wishing to discuss Sophie or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Sophie you are interested in.

A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

Loving Homes Dog Rescue Dogs for Adoption's photo.
Loving Homes Dog Rescue Dogs for Adoption's photo.Loving Homes Dog Rescue Dogs for Adoption's photo.
And the happy ending? Megan, who fostered Sophie in the beginning and again this time, has now adopted her and they are both ecstatic! 🙂
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Loving Homes Dog Rescue’s Dog of the Week….

Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

XENA – Crossbreed – 3 years – Orkney

XENA is a beautiful 3 year old Crossbreed currently located in the Orkney Isles.
She could be homed with a large male dog who is tolerant but robust; Xena plays very hard and needs supervision, correction and ‘time outs’ with this to ensure safe playtimes.

She has never shown aggression to dogs she meets on walks, but has a tendency to be over excitable and domineering and would possibly scare some dogs. Continued work on her manners will be needed.

Xena is high energy and her usual walk and exercise routine comprises of some good off lead run and play time. Her recall is poor though, responding better to a whistle than voice, but still with work needed to be consistent. The occasional missed walk does not cause a problem, but she will need at least one long active walk, or a shorter walk with an off lead play session daily as a rule. Xana is not for couch potatoes wink emoticon

Once on lead Xena can walk well, unless distracted when she will pull hard. However she is responsive to voice command and will need ongoing training to improve her focus and response.

Xena must NOT be allowed offlead around livestock. She has a high prey drive, which is now controlled but will need ongoing training, and cannot be homed with cats or small furries. She will also chase birds.

Whilst Xena does need an experienced and knowledgeable home, she loves people and is keen to greet them. This can be exuberant at times, so she will not be homed where there are children under 12, or elderly/frail residents for their own safety.

Xena has shown no food, treat or toy possessiveness or aggression and has learned to leave, or sit for food and treats and wait when told. This will need continued reinforcement, and she may attempt to snaffle food from a hand if it was in reach, or from a low lying table.

She travels well in a car, crated and harnessed. She has also traveled loose on occasion without incident.

She can be left for short periods at home without problems, although rubbish bins should be well secured away, and is fine when crated. She will sleep alone in a kitchen, or crated, and settle at night without issue.

Xena is a wriggly girl when being groomed but enjoys it. She is ok to bath and wipe her paws, and being short coated needs little in the way of major attention in this area.

All in all Xena is a happy, very bouncy girl. She loves attention and people but she would need an owner very aware of her prey drive (although this is workable) and able to deal with her strength. She would need ongoing training with a confident owner. Could that be you?

Xena is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

Anyone wishing to discuss Xena or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Xena you are interested in.

A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

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LOKI is looking for her Forever Home!


LOKI – cross-breed – approx 8 months – Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire
This delightful package is LOKI. It’s hard to pinpoint what her exact breed mix is as we suspect there are several in the pot, but Collie, Staffie and Whippet or some other sighthound breed have all been suggested…as has Jack Russell! Whatever she is she is utterly wonderful and since arriving in her foster home has not set a paw wrong.
Loki is sharing the home with 4 other dogs, both male and female, not all are yet neutered, and there have been no issues between them. She accepts her place in the pack and sees her role very much as the puppy, having a very happy disposition and a desire to play. She may prove too playful for a lazy or elderly dog, but a placid one that is able to calmly tell her ‘enough’ is accepted. She is equally friendly with new dogs she meets on walks, although again her enthusiasm to say hello and play must be watched if the other dog is not welcoming.
Loki currently enjoys 4 walks a day, 3 of around ½ hour each and one of an hour. She does need regular walks and would not suit an inactive home, so we are looking for a family or active couple who enjoy the outdoors and are committed to the ongoing lifetime needs of a lively, playful and happy dog that would thrive in such a home.
Lead work is in progress, and whilst Loki can pull a little she is learning to stop at the kerb, to wait when asked and to focus on her person. Her new owner will need to continue reinforcing this training to ensure she does not forget these important new skills.
Loki is excellent with people and greets them with enthusiasm but without being overly bouncy. She does not currently live with children, and whilst she has been well behaved with any she has met out and about, with her lively young nature we would advise homing with children aged 10 and over.
As with many young dogs who have spent some time in kennels, Loki does suffer from separation stress and so we will not home to full time working homes. She does need someone at home for much of the day, able to work with her on building up the time period she is left slowly and gradually over the weeks. For this reason also, we would prefer to home where there is a resident dog, ideally one which is equally playful and active to match her energy levels, but also steady and confident, with a placid tolerant manner and good manners to help guide and teach Loki.
Although still only a youngster Loki is 100% house-trained, has no food or toy possession behaviour, is friendly at the vets, tolerates bathing and grooming and although she has not had an opportunity to experience car travel she has been on public transport and traveled well.
Loki is fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated, and we are currently in discussion with a vet about spaying as her season history is unknown and she is at an age where he feels she may be due a season. Should she not be spayed prior to homing she will be homed under a Neutering Contract, which must be adhered to and will be followed up on to ensure this has been carried out within a reasonable period of time.
Anyone wishing to discuss Loki or be considered for adoption is asked to email with their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Please state that it is Loki you are interested in.
A telephone interview, homecheck and adoption donation/contract apply.

If you have any further questions, or are interested in adopting a dog, please contact Loving Homes Dog Rescue in the first instance. We rehome dogs right across the UK. 🙂

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SNOWIE’s looking for a forever home…


Your chance to adopt a lovely puppy who will give you years of joy, affection and companionship. 🙂

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PRINCE looking for his Forever Home


Our beautiful Prince is seeking the family who will love him all his life……he is a gentle, loving dog but shy and sensitive, all he needs is love and security. Please note, anyone applying for Prince will have to be prepared to visit and meet him here, he will not be re-homed without meet and greet initially. ❤

NB: Prince is in Orkney, Scotland.

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REGGIE needs a Forever Home


This is Reggie… one of the dogs in rescue to Loving Homes Dog Rescue at the moment. This is the dog rescue I work alongside and where Flake came from. I hope this lovely boy finds a home soon. ❤

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The dogs enjoying the sunshine!

Zeus and Flake have had a lot of fun sunbathing, playing and sleeping lately. The weather has been gloriously sunny, although the air temperature has dropped considerably now… Here are a few fun photos the kids managed to get on Sunday of Flake, and yesterday, of Zeus. Both dogs appear to be enjoying posing in sunglasses…

Flake's "Robert DeNiro" look...

Flake’s “Robert DeNiro” look…

They're both gorgeous!

They’re both gorgeous!



Dis is mah smug face.... 'cos I has swagger!

Dis is mah smug face…. ‘cos I has swagger!

Priceless! I am so thankful for the modern technology that makes these memories for us. Such happy faces! 🙂

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Well Zeus turned 1 year old last Friday. Where did the time go? I can’t believe we’ve had him almost a year now. He and Flake are bestest buds and my dilemmas are now all about sharing things with both of them, getting them to play with toys without fighting over them and trying to move them out of the kitchen when I’m baking! They watch their treats baking like a pair of greedy vultures! You’d think the oven door was a film screen, they pay it that much attention… Oh and Zeus, clever trickster that he is, can open the oven door if I leave it ajar to harden their biscuits, and pull the baking tray out far enough to get his mouth round a treat and sneak off with it! 🙂

"Are they done yet?"

“Are they done yet?”

He’s grown so much – he stands shoulder to shoulder with Flake now, has a suspiciously wavy streak of coat near the base of his tail (like a Rottweiler), and is still very wrinkly round his face. I keep wondering if his head will grow in proportion to the rest of him – it’d be nice if he broadened out a bit!

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

They’re asleep in the centre of the bed here – Flake normally sleeps in her bed on the floor at the foot of our bed, but Zeus won’t stay there. He usually waits till we put the lights out and then sneaks onto the bed…

Pork scratchings for dogs

Pork scratchings for dogs

These are from the lovely Jamie’s blog and they were really yummy (hot!). The dogs love them, but I have a habit of giving them too many new things at a time, so Flake had a bit of a loose bum, although Zeus could eat a tray full before it affected him! I have to be more disciplined!

Apple and carrot dumplings

Apple and carrot dumplings

These apple and carrot dumplings came from a recipe book that was sent to me by a doggy friend who also helps out with Loving Homes Dog Rescue. They have apple, carrot, flour, egg, oats and black treacle in them – much loved by both dogs! I try to alternate so that they have a sweet/fruity treat and a fishy or meaty one – sweet and savoury snacks as a reward.

The dogs do very well, but then I do love baking for them… it’s an addictive pastime. Nick says they eat as well as we do – well, they’re also family, so it seems only right, doesn’t it?

I have a few more posts to share with you, so expect more frequent updates… 🙂

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Sharing may help find Forever Homes…

I thought it might perhaps help the Loving Homes Dog Rescue to add the dogs that have been rescued and rehabilitated to this blog. They are now looking for their Forever Homes, so it seems only logical to spread the word!

This is Mr. SOX


In the words of his fosterer:

The superb Mr.SOX is still looking for his forever home. Sox was a very neglected little chap when he came into rescue and it was obvious he had received more than his fair share of physical punishment. Kennels frightened him even more and consequently he was constantly overlooked as either a foster or a forever prospect. Since finally coming into his temporary home though he has absolutely blossomed as everyone who has met him knew he could. Sox is a very straightforward chappie, likes his bumbles around the fields, obviously excellent off lead, loves his toys and a bit of rough and tumble with either another dog or human. He does like a spot or two to sunbathe and apart from that just lots of cuddles. Sox is an absolute testament to how much harm can be done to a dog and yet it can still retain so much love and trust for one of us. His own special home must be out there somewhere 🙂






I hope this helps Mr. Sox find his forever home… xo

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Another first!

Another first!

Yesterday evening we were sat watching Britain’s Got Talent and Zeus had been dozing in the play pen, whilst Flake was asleep on the sofa. Nick’s in considerable pain with two cracked ribs from coughing, so he sat alone on the small sofa. Normally, Flake will lay with him, but she knows he’s unwell, so she settled for the other sofa with me!

Zeus woke up and whined to come out, so I opened the door for him, let him out into the garden and then he trotted back in, tail wagging as usual – he’s such a happy, cheeky boy! Now, bear in mind he’s been with us since January, learning to live, eat and play alongside a much bigger, (not so much any more!!), older Staffy cross, who’s a complete “Prima Donna”. She has mood swings, comes into season despite being spayed, and pretty much had our attention full-time until he arrived…

It’s been stressful at times, watching over them as they get “toy-possessive”, compete for treats, etc. You’ve seen the way they play together, teeth bared, jaws interlocking, charging around madly – it can feel alarming and almost overwhelming sometimes, trying to keep them safe and happy.

Last night we had such a lovely breakthrough moment. Zeus came up on the sofa between me and Flake and my immediate thought was, ‘Here we go – I’ll have to stop them play-fighting any minute!’ Instead, Zeus curled up in a ball, nestled tight into Flake and went to sleep! I almost had tears in my eyes… This is what we’d been hoping for – that they’d play together, eat and drink together, but ultimately, that they’d curl up on the sofa and sleep together.

And they did, last night. 🙂

Of course, today’s another day, so it might not happen again, but we’ll see!!


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