Zeus was 9 weeks old when I first saw his photo on Facebook. He was in foster and when I saw his wrinkly little face, my heart melted. All common sense went straight out of the window! I wanted to adopt him immediately!

After a brief family discussion, I made contact with the rescue centre to find out about him – breed, procedures, contracts and conditions, etc. We chose to adopt a male because Flake doesn’t care much for bitches (putting it mildly!) and she had become top dog since Thor’s demise.

When I got a reply, we found out that Zeus (known as “Buttons”), had a Home Check pending for the Friday of that week. ALL reputable rescues carry out a home-check as a first step in the adoption process – for the adoptee’s safety and future well-being. They check your household – no. of occupants, children, other pets, etc. and for how long a pet is/would be left alone.  They also check that your garden is secure as too many dogs have been lost/stolen in the past due to poor enclosure. They then ask if you’ve ever adopted/rescued a pet before to see if you have any previous experience.

Fortunately for us, Zeus’s home-check was a fail due to poor garden security. Staffies are good jumpers and prolific diggers, but we have a brick wall topped by a fence and a double-bolted 6 ft gate in ours, so that was a hurdle quickly overcome! The fact that we have a rescued Staffy-x as part of our family also went in our favour. The home-check was carried out by one of the volunteers at Angels Animal Rescue (based in Derby).

A day later, we were told that we’d officially passed the home-check with flying colours and we were put in touch with the lady who was fostering Zeus. We arranged a meet & greet at her home, filled out and signed the contract to adopt him, and paid our donation fee. We were given his papers and Vet’s book and set off home with him!

What follows will be me sharing our family life with 2 rescue Staffies – the good and the bad bits, the ups and the downs… I want to record all this so that I can share my feelings about it – my anxiety, my joy and the dogs’ progress together.

Hopefully, our journey may inspire others to take the adoption route instead of buying dogs in the future.



2 thoughts on “Zeus

  1. Delores Azary

    I can see why it was love at first sight!

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