IMG_00000001Flake is a sun-worshipper… Any excuse and she’s out laying in the sun. On a cold, bright day, she’ll seek out the sunny patch on the carpet and doze. In the summer months, she has to be encouraged to move into the shade – we know she could get sunburned, but she doesn’t! She’ll just lay asleep in the sun all day long if you let her.

The Staffy in her makes her playful, boisterous, but above all completely caring. She smothers you in affection and loves nothing more than to sit by your side (or on top of you if she can!) and be stroked. She accepts kisses graciously and her facial expressions are vast in number.

But it’s her infinite capacity for giving love that steals your heart – well it does ours! Staffies (or Staffordshire Bull Terriers, to give them their full title), are aptly named “the Nanny dog”. They often get a bad press due to gangs who torture them and use their “conditioned” aggression in dog-fighting. In my opinion, it is this kind of Staffy owner who should be put to sleep, not the dog. All dogs can be loving and affectionate; it’s how they’re raised that can make or break them.

IMG_00001404 IMG_00001121
These two share an unbreakable bond – they are completely and unconditionally loved by each other.

And that’s why, when our old GSD Thor passed, just before Christmas last year, we said never again. No more dogs. Never. Too much heartbreak, too much sorrow…

Until one of my friends on Facebook said “Why, despite the heartbreak when you lose a dog/pet, would you then deny yourself the joy and companionship they bring… and not have another?”

Now that made a lot of sense, especially as our daughter will undoubtedly move into her own home at some point, and of course, take Flake with her. That’s why we decided to

a) get our own Staffy
b) search for a pup from a rescue centre (we considered any Staffy pupster up to 6 months old)


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