Omg, we got snow!

Well, Christmas has passed now, and a great time was had by all. Zeus was a little confused and took a dislike to the little Xmas tree once we had lights on it, but that only lasted a day or so. I gave little sample treat bags of home baked doggy biscuits to some of my colleagues and they were a hit! I made brownies (dog-friendly, of course) for the fur-babies so that they too had a festive nibble, and Nick and I have quite a bit of extra, luxury food in the cupboard as I was lucky enough to win two hampers in the Christmas Advent comps this year! Woo! ☺️

However, let’s put that aside for a minute as I tell you that we have had 4 inches/10cm of snowfall in 12 hours. It was stunning in many ways: We weren’t expecting it, the dogs are confused, we are snowed in and the dogs love playing in the snow! The end of our road out of the estate is quite sharply sloping and without snow chains, impossible to negotiate in these conditions, so we’re stuck here until it thaws. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow again… After all I have work on New Year’s Day!

here’s a couple of minutes of video I captured on my iPad of the two dogs enjoying themselves in the snow, play-fighting! Happy New Year to you all! 🙂

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