New dog biscuits!

Today has been an emotional roller coaster in a lot of ways. Becoming an “empty-nester” is proving to be quite a trying experience as we approach the festive season, although adjusting to cooking for two plus the dogs is coming along nicely.

Nick asked if we could have stews and casseroles more often this winter as he finds them filling and warming, so I made beef stew for us in the oven.

Are they all for us?

Are they all for us?

While it was cooking away on 180C, it seemed the ideal time to bake some savoury treats for the dogs – 2 birds, 1 stone… I’ve been wanting to try out another of Jamie’s recipes for crunchy biscuits, so away I went!

The dogs both reacted quite badly to the liver cake I tried first, not having realised that liver is a natural laxative, I gave them too much because I couldn’t resist their pleading eyes! So, this time I used 2 tins of sardines (in oil) instead. I had forgotten to buy cornflour, so I had to substitute self-raising flour instead. I think the addition of semolina and poppy seeds make this a drier, lighter biscuit. The dough was great to work with but the first batch I probably made a bit too thick, as they needed a few more minutes to crisp up. The next lot I rolled the dough thinner and these turned out great! You can see the look on their little faces as Dad holds the tray up for me to get great pics…

I shall forever be grateful for finding Jamie’s blog and introducing me to home made biscuits for dogs. 😊


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