Life is good, life is busy!

imageI know I haven’t been here for a while, but that’s a good thing in a way. The dogs have bonded so well, it’s brilliant to see! They still grumble and fight over toys, but it’s more controlled. They are warned if they start to sound too aggressive, and Zeus is given “time-out” in the playpen if he’s overly boisterous. His recall is better and he understands the different intonations of a serious No!, as opposed to a gentler, more persuasive Noooo!

Here they are, sharing the garden! They even dig holes together – naughty!

We  are seeing definite signs that Zeus isn’t a pure Staffy. He’s too big for starters and he’s an amazing guard dog. He also has a different, throatier bark for after dark… We suspect he’s probably got some Rottweiler in him, judging by the photos of Rottweiler/Staffy crosses we’ve found online. That’s fine by me because as always, it’s about how you bring a dog up, not the breed per se.

This is one loveable rogue and a very affectionate boy.


As you can see, he’s always trying to kiss you! And, when he barks at someone, or something that’s bothered him, he dashes to one of us, takes our hand/arm and tries to lead us to whatever that is. I’ve never had a dog do that before, so this is very intriguing. I am very grateful that he barks as we really missed that when our old German Shepherd passed. A good bark is a great deterrent.

I have been baking treats for the dogs too… I found an excellent blog with a wide variety of recipes, complete with photos, step by step, and thus far they’ve had liver cake and sardine oatcakes – wolfed down! I recommend this site as the feedback is positive and plentiful and some of the recipes are by a Canine Dietician, which can only be a positive!

I admit, Ambs and Nick are sceptical but the dogs and I are not. It is extremely rewarding watching my baking skills go to making sure my dogs are eating healthily when they get treats, and I like knowing exactly what’s in their goodies. So do try Jamie’s recipes. Go here:

Bishopton Dog Walking Services



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