What Do You Do?

This is vitally important to every country where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Let’s try to get a government that really gives a crap about the poor, not the rich, where all society counts, not just the elite.
VOTE! Use the only power left to us…


We are going to have a revolution!!!


Hang on a minute, false alarm we’re not.

It’s just another comedian talking politics again.

This time the call to revolt came from millionaire comedian/actor Russell Brand.

Now I know that it’s not his fault that he is rich and famous, but I do find it off putting when someone in his position starts talking politics as if he is still one of us.

Russell Brand does not even live in the same world as us.


Perhaps I have misjudged him; perhaps he will use his fame, and the platform that it allows him, to actually influence people into action.

Perhaps he will use his millions to provide us all with AK 47s to overthrow the government.

Umer Abbas

If he does I’ll happily add my voice to any suggestions that post revolution we rename a street after him.

Revolutionary Russell Boulevard.

I’ll even…

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