Anco roots and post-op. Zeus

It’s been an extremely hectic couple of weeks here. Hubby’s been organising a Charity Fundraiser Fishing Match for Reels On Wheels to raise money for “A Day to Remember” and I’ve been helping out, as he’s been so busy building the new website for it! We used to hold a Fishing Festival every year, but there wasn’t much enthusiasm for it the last couple of years – money’s tight, people have passed away, etc. etc.

Since he had cancer, Nick has become obsessed with living a fuller life – understandable – and also set up a pet project (A Day to Remember), where he takes anglers with a terminal illness away for 24 hours and gives them a chance to enjoy a day away from all their troubles, to relax in lovely surroundings (whatever the weather), and fish. Possibly for the last time…  So obviously, he needs lots of support and the momentum is growing!

Nick fishes big and often prestigious Carp competitions to raise awareness for disabled anglers, and to encourage others to not give up, just because they have health issues. I am so proud of him! 🙂

Anyway, back to the dogs – Zeus had his castration op. last Friday, as per our adoption agreement and the Vets rang Nick  at 1pm while I was at work,  to say he had been done and was in recovery, would he like to collect him early? Apparently he was super-stressed, lying in the cage, whining his little heart out! So Nick and DD collected him and brought him home. He was very lethargic and sleepy for the rest of the day and he struggled to get up the stairs that night.

It’s been very warm here lately and we found Zeus was overheating, particularly at night… So that he didn’t jump on the bed, I carried Flake’s plastic bed up for him – of course he jumped on the bed anyway, but he did end up getting back down, sleeping in it later… So today we went out and bought him his own smaller bed for night times – yay, we got our bed back!!!

Whilst we were there, we also picked up a couple of these: Anco roots – they LOVE them! It’s made a huge difference this afternoon – just a bit of swapping and stealing!! Less fighting though… and to be fair they were getting a bit bored with the stag bars/antlers.

Anco tree roots

Anco tree roots

An eco-friendly, 100% natural chew treat/toy. This is where we bought them – and why!!

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