Learning to eat spaghetti…

Flake loves spaghetti… and whenever I cook it, I make sure there’s a little too much so that she can enjoy some leftover strands. We had spagbol (spaghetti bolognese) last weekend and of course, in the way of things these days, Flake shared with Zeus.

He has spent the majority of this week out of his playpen, charging around the garden with Flake, playing, play-fighting and learning about being a companion. It hasn’t been all plain sailing – they each have a certain amount of “possessiveness” towards their toys so they have to get used to sharing.

Tug-o-war is now 50% of their playtime activity, the rest being made up of play-fighting, trying to disguise their love for chewing stones from us (!), and the occasional rest – together and separately. They have had some lovely weather in which to get to know each other better and have spent a great deal of time together, wearing us, themselves and each other out!

Zeus is beginning to sleep a little longer each night, so we’re up at 7-7.30am now, instead of 6.30am! Flake can still sleep for Britain, though… Zeus has to get used to her patterns too and not bug her when she’s asleep! Trouble is, he just thinks “Playtime” whenever he sees her! Oh the joys of ‘parenthood’!!

Here’s a short video of Amber feeding strands of spaghetti to the dogs…


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