Happiness is…

Having two dogs that play together, eat and sleep together. I can’t believe how far these two have come since January when Zeus first entered our home. I have lots of new footage to share – just waiting on himself (Nick), to edit and upload to Youtube…

Meanwhile, today has been hectic and the dogs have been playing outside in the sunshine for the last couple of hours, getting hot and bothered, calming down and coming in for a drink and a bite to eat, and then flying back outdoors again for more play!

We have been introducing the concept of Tug-of-war as an alternative to just eating each other’s faces when playing, and so far they are having fun – even the growling is occasional and appears to be non-threatening (although we do keep an eye on them, just in case).

Here’s a short video of them sharing a piece of toast…

Zeus & Flake were playing outside together while I was making toast for breakfast. Flake can smell a piece of toast from 50 yards, so she came running into the kitchen – and where she goes, Zeus follows.
We got into the toast habit with our old dog Thor (who passed in December last year), and it has become a routine that when we have toast, the dogs get a piece to share too…
It was Zeus’s first time, outside of his playpen, so he did really well.
It’s amazing to think he’s only been with us since January, as he’s come such a long way!

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