Zeus and his pants!

Zeus is still teething quite a lot, and he loves to chew fabric… We gave him an old flannel, wetted with cold water and he chewed that till I decided it was too bitty not to possibly cause choking.

Now he has a new pair of white pants (well they started off white, lol!), to chew and play with!

Things have been progressing with Zeus and Flake really well this week. They will eat and drink from the same bowl, with no fuss or arguments. They are seriously loving and affectionate to one another too, and simply want to play/play-fight all day long!

Zeus annoys Flake in the late evenings though, especially when she’s rudely awakened by 30lbs of Staffy climbing on her, trying to share her bed! So she’ll play a little some nights, others she simply takes herself off to DD’s bedroom upstairs!

The little man has doubled in size and weight – we have no idea how big he’ll end up. He seems (to us), to be rather longer in the leg than a full Satffordshire Bull Terrier, and he could possibly have some Rottweiler or Labrador in him. I think that will only become apparent when he’s fully grown – possibly at 12-18 months.

However, he has an awesome, loving and joyful personality and we really aren’t bothered – he’s our “Wonder-Dog”!! 🙂

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One thought on “Zeus and his pants!

  1. He is growing up so quickly and he seems to be a real character 🙂

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