Cookie Monsters!

We had another first in our rescue dog house yesterday. After playing together, as per the short video, both dogs slept well! Later in the evening, DD had the munchies and got out the rest of the chocolate chip cookies in the packet. Zeus and Flake had been asleep on the sofas, but like most dogs, they can hear a packet opening at half a mile away!

I was a little concerned about their competitive natures leading to a scene, which might turn ugly, but will you look at these two?



Now these dogs get such a bad press, but can you see any evidence of malice or aggression in those 2 faces? No, me either… And look at that little paw on the cushion – he’s completely focused on getting a piece of cookie!

Is there any more?

Is there any more?

And they waited with great patience until the last cookie had been eaten. Of course they got some too (minus the chocolatey bits!).

I kid you not, I love these dogs. They are my friends and my family. I’d rather flee my home and this country, than let some officious know-it-all take either of them based on what he/she “thinks” they know about BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION. I’ll fight them as hard as I would anyone who tried – erroneously – to take my child.

These two are also my children, part of Our Pack.

And, I am an Alpha Female…

More information on the BSL arguments and organisations involved:



Deed not Breed

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

BSL by Animal Rights Action

and there are many more…

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