Super supervised play!

Zeus still spends a good part of the day in the puppy play pen, but he also has at least one supervised play session with Flake outside the pen. Today, DD got some superb shots of just how they play and why supervision is absolutely essential.

Meeting at the door

Meeting at the door

Flake was outside and Zeus was due to go out after his lunch. He licked her face in greeting…

It's a "rollover"!

It’s a “rollover”!

Flake rolls over onto her back, ‘submitting’ to Zeus… briefly!

Mouth-to-mouth, Staffy-style

Mouth-to-mouth, Staffy-style

They literally hold each other’s jaws. This can look threatening, but you get used to it. There’s no noise, no barking, no snarling, it’s just how they play!


All paws and teeth!

All paws and teeth!

They use their paws a lot too, but need supervision as Flake is so very much heavier and stronger than Zeus – remember, although he’s growing, he’s still just over 5 months old.

Mexican standoff?

Mexican standoff?

They do make some throaty noises, but it’s more like loud groaning. If their tone changes to something more aggressive, they are separated and then allowed together again to continue this energetic play!



His paws this time...

His paws this time…





So it looks quite ferocious, and it takes some getting used to. Heaven knows how much time they’ll spend like this once he’s bigger!! 🙂

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