Zeus’s new best friend!

Or, his first sexual experience… The pup’s been getting livelier in the mornings, leaping around the furniture, fighting cushions, tussling with throws, bullying his blanket – the usual puppy stuff.

Last week, he discovered he could move the big pink furry bolster cushion from the sofa to the floor… And once on the floor, he could go at it, either end, jump on top and over it…

Suddenly, he discovered how much fun it was to mount and ride it. Our reaction went from amused at his perseverance with something over twice his size, to “Ewwwww…..” at the resultant mess when he reached his climax – suddenly and very unexpectedly for all concerned!


Falling off it...

Falling off it…

Getting on...

Getting on…

Going at it!

Going at it!

His face was a picture! I’m not sure whether or not he realised what had just happened, but I cleaned it up and put it away. He does go back to it and play every morning, but he hasn’t quite succeeded in humping it again – yet!

Doesn’t mean he won’t though… 😉



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