Ups and downs…

When I started to blog about the dogs, owning rescue dogs and bringing two up together, I was filled with enthusiasm and energy. Since Nick and I became ill, I am finding it so hard to remain motivated – the idea of a Journal-style blog and daily updates is way in the past… But I still want to write about our experiences and both dogs are so photogenic, with such expressive faces, that it’d be a shame not to have a record of the journey.

So, much to catch up on: Nick and I are hopefully through the worst of this appalling flu virus that has almost sucked the life out of us – fingers crossed it’s almost over!

LOve our nap-time Dad, xo

LOve our nap-time Dad, xo

Zeus continues to delight with his antics, his developing character and his intelligence – coupled with a willingness to please, bordering on slavishness!! These dogs are so happy to learn and so happy to make you happy that training them is less a chore, than a challenge…

Then, when the boy’s tired, well you get this kind of shot:


He turned 4 months old yesterday, so I don’t expect he’ll fit in the basket for much longer! I’m posting some pics of him at play tomorrow – he has discovered a new “buddy”…

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One thought on “Ups and downs…

  1. darren young

    You both deserve a large slice of get well soon cake! Im humbled 2 no u both x

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