Doctor Zeus!

A slight play on words there!! Seriously – our pupster is usually very lively first thing in the morning, but he’s been amazing with me the past 2 mornings. I have had a seriously painful cough for nearly 3 weeks and I really can’t remember the last night I slept through.

I got out our spare duvet and have been sleeping downstairs on the sofa lately, in order to let Nick rest up and get over his kidney infection. So, yesterday was the last straw when I had 3 consecutive bouts of coughing until I was sick – eurgh!

Nick and I went off to Primary Care (GP was closed for inhouse training, wouldn’t you know?!), and 2 hours later, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. Thank goodness – I know I’m going to get better now!

Anyway, I was still sleeping this morning when Nick and Zeus came down, so he went outside to answer Nature’s call, had his breakfast – by which time I was awake – and then, instead of dashing around all over the place, enjoying his freedom, he gently jumped up on top of the duvet and lay there quietly watching over me with his big brown eyes…

Doctor-puppyDogs really are amazing, aren’t they? We had a lovely nap together, and he really comforted me when I was down… Imagine what he’ll be like when he’s grown up, if he can show so much love and compassion as a puppy. 🙂


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One thought on “Doctor Zeus!

  1. Awwww that’s lovely and your little man is so cute x

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