Flake investigates…

One day, whilst I was outside with Zeus, Flake decided to have a look around the playpen for herself…

Flake investigates...

Flake investigates…

She went straight in and had a good sniff of everything in there. As Zeus is so small and still has baby teeth, he can have toys which are different to hers. In fact, because her jaws are so powerful, the only thing we’ve found that she cannot instantly destroy, is an Air Kong Safestix – the biggest size! One of the nice things about modern dog toys is that they come in all sorts of colours – Her Ladyship has a pink Kong!!

Her chewing toy is a stagbar – it takes her weeks to eat through that now, thank goodness. But anything else is simply a waste of money – and a potential hazard… However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try to take his toys anyway!!

Dogs… 🙂

Short post today – feeling pretty crappy and probably coming down with a cold or some other “social bug” that people insist on sharing! 😦

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