After the storm…

Nick was back in A&E again on Thursday – with pain so bad in his lower back he could barely catch a breath. There was more to this lung infection/suspected kidney stones than we thought. After being assessed (within minutes of arriving and checking in), we were transferred to Majors and then more blood was taken, pain relief given, vitals done, 3 x-rays and we were transferred to the Surgical Assessment ward…

I kid you not, I was really worried… I’d left poor DD at home to hold the fort and take charge of the dogs. She was worried sick and pretty tearful (idolises her Dad!) and anxious, as she had a friend coming for the weekend all the way from the West Country, and we were supposed to fetch her later that evening from Newark…

By 2pm, another Consultant had examined Nick and he was waiting for a Cat Scan. We were both hungry and thirsty – neither of us had eaten as we’d been at the hospital since 9.30am… So, I came home to eat, collect night things for him and return to see what time he’d have his scan. The doctor wanted him to stay overnight for observation anyway. DD had made other  arrangements to fetch her friend and I went back to the hospital at 6pm.

Nick had had his scan by then and eaten some of his evening meal. He was also more comfortable as they’d administered morphine for the pain! Turns out he had (or had had), a severe kidney infection, resulting in swelling of both kidneys, causing him distress. He’s to have a cytoscopy in a couple of weeks to check his bladder, in case a passing ‘stone’ has caused any damage. He was to be allowed home the following day, conditionally, if all went well and he was able to manage his pain…

We were both absolutely exhausted. Adjustments to sleeping arrangements have been made and I am coping – just! Zeus continues to grow and thrive, although his nipping causes concern with Flake so still very short bursts of contact are the norm. This is also stressful, as I’d like nothing more than for the pair of them to be mates and play together. It’s just going to take time and he needs to grow before he can hold his own with the Boss Lady.

So this blog is turning out to be much more all-encompassing because all that we are going through is affecting our dogs too. Next week we plan to have some time introducing Zeus to the lead – and to Flake on the lead – in the garden, daily. Once he’s used to that, I can start to walk him properly.

Baby steps… Looking at this photo makes me determined to get it right though.

"I love you Mama..."

“I love you Mama…”

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One thought on “After the storm…

  1. So sorry for all..

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