BSL – Breed Specific Legislation

Known to lovers and/or owners of pet “bull breeds” as the “Bull Shit Law”… Even the RSPCA are against it. Here’s their view:

What is Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)?

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was rushed through Parliament in response to media and public pressure following a string of high profile dog attacks. Under the Act ‘Breed Specific Legislation’ (BSL) prohibits the ownership of certain ‘types’ (the dogs are not a recognised ‘breeds’ in the UK) of dogs the most popular prohibited ‘type’ is the pit bull terrier.

There’s a video explanation made by them HERE.


We agree wholeheartedly with what they say – after all, we own 2 very loving bull breeds, as you’ve read on my blog, and seen from my photos. I hope you enjoy this slideshow…

I have some more photos of the quickly-growing puppy to share, plus a brief video! I’ll be back to blogging properly again soon – now Nick’s back home from the hospital (again!) …

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