It never rains but it pours…

Well the last few days have been eventful, to say the least. On Sunday evening I took Nick to A&E to be checked out as he was in so much pain he had difficulty breathing. We left home at 9pm and were checked in pretty quickly. Sadly for us, it was to be a busy night…

After pain relief (in the form of half a dose of morphine) was given to him, Nick had bloods taken, saw an excellent Doctor, had an ECG and was diagnosed with a lung infection and possibly kidney stones too! He was given a course of antibiotics and allowed home, with instructions to rest, take pain meds and have his urine checked again in 3 days’ time.

We got home at 2am and went to bed. Getting him comfortable proved very difficult indeed and 2 more virtually sleepless nights followed… Nick lives with pain 24/7, but I have never seen him more distressed and it was awful.

We still had puppy and dog to deal with, so it has been busy! To top it all off, I had to cancel my own hospital appointment as I was worried that I was just too tired to drive back to the hospital – and I dislike driving in the snow! Fortunately, they were very understanding about it all so I have a new appointment in 2 weeks’ time.

This pic shows Flake comforting Nick after his cancer op. last year. These Staffies are so sensitive and caring, they know just how to give love to a human hurting…

Staffy hugs are simply the best therapy...

Staffy hugs are simply the best therapy…

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2 thoughts on “It never rains but it pours…

  1. That’s a lovely photo.

  2. poor you Rosie, sendin in healin thought s and much luv xxx

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