You gotta love a Staffy!

This is our Flake – well, okay, technically she’s DD’s dog… but I can’t emphasise enough to people who have never considered a “bull breed” as a pet, that a Staffy (even a Staffy-cross), will make you the best family pet ever.

We had spagbol for tea the other night, and Flake decided to get up on the dining chair next to me, in the hope that I might leave a few bits of spaghetti – fat chance! She is such a poser. Look at her face!

Spaghetti for me too?

Spaghetti for me too?

She sat patiently waiting while I tucked a napkin into her collar and just looked at Nick as he took this pic! She’s so giving, in every way!

What other dog would sit bolt upright at the table, and just look at you like she does – what a complete character…


We have nicknamed this “Staffitude”. They all have it, in varying degrees. Zeus is developing his defiant attitude, even at 12 weeks of age. He and Flake are play-fighting at “snarlies” as I type… He will bark at her if she gets up for a break, calling her back.

He also can see into the kitchen from his playpen, and makes me fully aware of his disapproval when I’m cooking and Flake is sitting watchfully on the kitchen mat, in case I should drop any tasty morsel! I’ll have to video it and post here, he’s so funny!

You’ll never be short of a cuddle or a lick when you own one of these amazing dogs… 🙂

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