Be warned: You will need tissues (or kleenex)

I have referred to Chris Dannan and Loving Homes Dog Rescue before as this is where Flake came from. Before we moved back to the East Midlands, we lived down in Devon & Cornwall for 9 (mainly wet and miserable) years…

People always ask us why on earth we’d move back up here from “such a beautiful place”?
Simple answer: You can’t live on fresh air – roughly translated = there’s no non-seasonal work available for young people, and we have a 19 year old, bright, motivated, raring to work, daughter.

Complex answer: Nick had a tumour (yes, cancerous) in his neck. It took 11 weeks to get to see a Consultant, who said he needed surgery. Hospital round trip – 75 miles for Barnstaple, 101 miles for Exeter. He also had a BCC on his nose which needed to be removed. The Dermatology Clinic took about 3 months to schedule surgery, after which the graft and the graft site were both infected, the graft didn’t take and he lost half his nose on one side. (Note: Avoid the Litchden Clinic if you have a BCC that can be dealt with elsewhere…)

Solution: Move back to Mansfield, Notts. because a very good friend (also a cancer survivor), who owns a few properties to rent up here, bought a house specifically so that we could move back to what we consider ‘civilisation’. Within 6 weeks of moving back here, Nick had been referred to, and seen an Oncologist and was booked into Queen’s Medical Centre for throat surgery. Local to us is King’s Mill Hospital where he was first referred and Queen’s is in Nottingham itself, 40 minutes’ drive away. Big difference. So, that’s why we moved!!

Result: Happier family, healthier hubby, lower bills, better amenities and they treat people with facial “abnormalities” as normal human beings. No-one has pointed at Nick’s nose and muttered about it up here. Cancer, in particular skin cancer (BCCs, etc.) is pretty common these days – and widely talked about. People are so friendly up here too. The weather in this part of the country has been spectacular – we had months of sunshine last year – it was a bit like being abroad again!!

Anyway, we owe Chris a great debt of gratitude and Nick has just built a new website for Loving Homes Dog Rescue which rescues and rehomes dogs all over the UK. They are not a “breed specific” rescue, but they help a lot of Staffies and bull breeds as they need the most help these days.

They used to be based in Devon, but have relocated to the Orkneys where they have a far better base of operations. There’s a ton of useful info. on the website, along with contact details and if you have time, grab a coffee/tea and a box of tissues and read through the “Special Stories” section on the home page…

Here’s a video of Chris’s dog Ashar and how he was rescued –

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3 thoughts on “Be warned: You will need tissues (or kleenex)

  1. Chris Dannan

    I am so glad that during those 9 years in the South West I had the opportunity of meeting you guys and forming what is now a great and valued friendship. I can’t play that video, firstly it still upsets Ash and secondly I can’t see it for tears! I remember that day so well, we HAD to get him out, his only other option was unthinkable. He was quite scary, but a wonderful dog warden and the pound themselves had given him the chance of a future, and we had to make it work for him. Ash still has massive trust issues, and will never be rehomable….which doesn’t matter at all as here, with people he trusts, he is the most wonderful, loving, soppy dog. Here on our island, he can run and play on the beach like any other dog, he has a fantastic life and I am honoured to be part of it.

  2. patsand31

    Glad you moved for your sakes, but still miss you guys xxxxxxxx

  3. I am so glad I got to meet you down in the wilds – I treasure our friendship greatly – even though I di wander off to Portugal 😉

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