Zeus continues to surprise us with his initiative! He can turn his playpen into a racing circuit as he’s still so small and challenge Flake to keep up with him on the outside…

He tirelessly plays inside the pen with the toy she most favours – his own,  smaller version of her stagbar, taunting her through the bars until she capitulates and rolls over on the floor to play “snarlies”.

When she’s had enough of him chewing her lips and nose, she sits up and he barks at her, voicing his loud disapproval! Then they lay down and play pat-a-cake with their paws…

He’s still too ‘bolshy’ (bold and full on), to be allowed to play properly outside the playpen with her, but they spend a little longer every day nose to nose when he’s been fed, or been outside to answer the call of Nature.

On that note, he jumped up at the door yesterday, asking to go out, which is fantastic progress in under 2 weeks! What an intelligent lad he is! 🙂

You have my ear, Flake - I'm listening!

You have my ear, Flake – I’m listening!

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