Zeus weighs in at Vets4Pets

We took the little man to be registered at our local Vets4Pets surgery today. Nick wanted him to see the Vet who had taken such excellent care of him and Thor last year, so Stephanie it was.

Zeus weighs about 7Kgs – hard to weigh a wriggling bundle of tail-wagging puppy, but she did her best. Nick rolled in carrying Zeus’s papers, I followed with bag and toy. (Zeus was too excited to sit still on Nick’s lap – he’s not used to the wheelchair yet!!).

He has a healthy heart, both his balls are present and correct (ready for the chop in May, when he reaches 6 months), and he has a little bit of dandruff, so he’ll be having a bath later!

We are off to France again later this year for a week’s fishing with our friends and Zeus will come too. He seems quite accepting of the car and unless we’re going grocery shopping, we take him with us. Got to get him car-friendly before September…

We discussed the European Pet Passport with Stephanie, who informed us of all the necessary steps involved. We’ll need to visit a vet in France so Zeus can be given a ‘tapeworm’ tablet before re-entering the UK, according to legislation. Plus he’ll need the rabies shot before we go, but at least it no longer needs to be given 6 months in advance in order for bloods to come back.

So now we can start saving for his next Vet’s visit! 🙂

Tugging at Mum's heartstrings...

Tugging at Mum’s heartstrings…

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