An unbreakable bond

The bond of love between a rescue dog and the human who rescues it (or gives it a “forever loving home”), is unlike any bond I’ve ever experienced. We’ve had dogs all our lives, mainly “breed dogs” like our recently deceased GSD, Thor, for instance and loved him dearly till the day he went off to be euthanised. We’ve loved all our dogs, but knew very little about either the breeder or their background – only what they choose to tell you, really, or what you see when you go to buy a puppy from them.

The difference with a rescued dog is that you already know that they haven’t had a “conventional” life, or they wouldn’t have ended up in a rescue home. Sometimes, like with Flake, you simply know that she and her litter sister were in a pound, 20 minutes of life left to them, before they were rescued by Chris Dannan of Loving Homes Dog Rescue.

What you find, however, is that these dogs have an almost infinite capacity to trust again and to love a human (or 3)… For some reason, they become slavishly devoted to you and your family because, like you, they have huge amounts of love and affection to give to the human who shows them the same.

They become imprinted with your need to love them and reciprocate endlessly. They learn your likes and dislikes, your character traits and then they become extensions of your personality. DD’s rescue dog Flake is a Staffy x EBT (English Bull Terrier), so she’s bigger than the average Staffy and she’s as strong-willed as her owner, as affectionate, cheeky and comedic as her too!


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One thought on “An unbreakable bond

  1. patsand31

    Flake and Amber sweet xxxx

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