Close encounters!

Zeus has started taking himself out to do his “business” if we leave the door open for him – except when it’s raining and/or blowing a gale! He had his first encounter with snow last week and he didn’t like it!!

"Can we go in now please?"

“Can we go in now please?”

So the poor lad is really going to hate the weather when we get 4-6 inches of snow in the near future – possibly…

He really is such a good little chap, bright and intelligent. He now pops out of his playpen and heads straight for the kitchen when we say “Food!” and he sits on the rug and waits for you to put down his bowl. We still feed him three meals a day, Chudleys Puppy dry food. Normally I don’t wet it as the dogs have access to water indoors and out. I still give both dogs a carrot every day and we have started Zeus on half a mini “dentastix” when Flake has one. Our dogs don’t have any fancy treats – just plain ones. After all, I’m the one who picks up after them mostly… 😉

He’s such fun to play with and he’s grown a lot in just 10 days. He has a lovely shine to his coat now and his eyes are bright with intelligence and guile! He made it onto the chair next to me yesterday – had to take a running jump, but he got up there!!!

It’s wonderful to see him progress so quickly – I’d forgotten how rapidly pups learn. Friends came round for a quick coffee last night and couldn’t believe how big he is already! (And how cheeky…)

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