Flake gets coquettish!

All is going well with Zeus and Flake as they get to know each other in a safe environment. He’s learning lots and growing quickly. From the safety of his playpen, he watches Flake’s every move and has started to copy some things that she does. He fell over twice today, trying to jump in circles to catch his own tail!

The days are passing very quickly and it’s amazing to think he’s been with us almost a week. DD went to see a friend for lunch, so we were in charge of both dogs and sure enough, once Her Ladyship (Flake) was fully awake, she responded to Zeus’s whines to come play!

However, today she was acting very coy, rubbing herself along the sides of the pen, almost showing herself off to him. It was like a cross between flirtatiousness and dominance as she’s so much taller and wider than Zeus. We were fascinated by this display and watched with interest as she continued to flaunt her flank and then her rear at him.

Bless his little heart, the puppy was pawing away at her and nipping the bars of his pen until she finally lay down and began to interact with him. There was a lot of grumbling from both, paws going hammer and tongs, and licking and nibbling of noses, lips and paws.

Flake seems to have developed a tolerance of this playful style of abuse from Zeus, who just can’t get enough of her. I never realised just how vocal this breed is…

Flake “speaks” to DD with barks. She used to scare me, because it’s a pretty loud, harsh bark, interspersed with howls. And let’s face it, dogs can look aggressive when they bark at you. I was bitten quite badly when we lived and worked in Germany many years ago, by a huge dog with a nasty temper, and I’ve never forgotten it. I don’t suppose I ever will, but I do love dogs, so I had to overcome that fear.

Zeus also has a bark – more of a yap! – that he uses now and then. I’m sure that will develop as he grows up. Does a male dog’s voice break, I wonder?

"Getting to know you..."

“Getting to know you…”

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