The Puppy Play Pen arrives…

On Monday morning there was a knock at the door. It was the courier with our Puppy Play Pen – yay! Zoe, Zeus’s fosterer, had one in her lounge for the puppies to be put in – to keep them safe and from running riot all over the house! We thought it was brilliant, so Nick had searched online and found one on Ebay – Woof Products is the name of the seller. This a large one for puppies – play and whelping – weighs 22Kg, and is beautifully constructed. It also has a removable plastic base tray which is easy to wipe clean and double latch closure on the front door.

All 4 sides slotted together nicely and it was in place in no time. However, although it’s a good height, it’s nowhere no Staffy-proof and definitely not Flake-proof! We decided almost immediately that it’d need a cover, so we went off to our local B&Q to get some wood.

Once home, Nick cut it to size, rounding the corners for safety, and drilled holes into it to thread the cable ties through, which would secure the entire structure, making it more stable. This is what we bought:

puppy-playpenImage courtesy of Woof Products

Now both dogs could see and smell each other, safely and supervised. Flake could not jump into the pen and Zeus would learn not to jump in there as he banged his head! There is in fact, enough room for both dogs inside the pen, but it’ll be several months before (and if), that happens…

This is how they “play” together and interact safely!


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2 thoughts on “The Puppy Play Pen arrives…

  1. looks good and when they have finished with it put it buy for grandchildren lol xxxxxxxx

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