Day 4 – Sunday

Sunday morning started with play-time and toilet as usual and we noticed that Zeus was beginning to gain in confidence and attitude! If you wag your finger at him, or point at him and say “No!”, he looks you square in the eye, hunkers down on his front paws with his bum in the air and barks! Cheeky!

He also detests being put in the crate which is really stressful, but on the plus side, Flake has become so much friendlier towards him. She sits beside me on her favourite chair and watches him from under her white eyelashes, whilst enjoying a cuddle. It’s quite comical to see her showing him his place in the house, now that she’s beginning to realise that we don’t love her any less despite the tiny new arrival.

Zeus spends most of his day whinging from the crate and galloping about when Flake’s elsewhere. I pray that the puppy play pen will arrive soon!

That evening Zeus was out laying with Nick on the sofa and we were watching “Dancing On Ice”. Both of us were surprised to see him watching too… he was completely absorbed by the first couple, to the extent that his head was moving around as they were skating!! Interesting, as it’s the first time he’s actually noticed the TV.

I think one of the best things about introducing a puppy into a household with an older dog is the way that the puppy learns behaviours (both good and bad!). For example, he started hopping out through the patio doors when they were open to take himself for a wee… Although he also ran off with the paper put down for toilet-training and barked in protest when I told him off! Oh the joys of puppies!! 🙂




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