Day 3 – Saturday

We followed the same routine as yesterday – downstairs, out to wee and then breakfast, followed by a little runaround and then out again. I love Zeus’s early morning play-time:He’s so bouncy and fun to watch as he finds his feet. He explores every inch of the lounge/diner and he’s starting to respond to a firm “No”, when he gets too close to something he shouldn’t, or starts to bite the edge of the carpet, for example!

I noticed he was becoming increasingly chewy, so I gave him something healthy to chew on – half a peeled raw carrot. I had a couple left in the bottom of the fridge which weren’t too hard and I used to give Flake a cold baby carrot when she was teething last year. I figure, if it worked for her, the puppy might like them too. He does!

Throughout the day we let Flake sniff him when he came out of his crate to go outside, but didn’t let him loose with her. He pawed at her face and licked her nose. Slowly, she was getting used to his smell and hopefully accepting him. He really started to get his voice today – lots of whining and grumpiness from the crate – and at one point, I thought he was shouting!!

We ordered a large puppy play pen from Woof Products which I really hoped would arrive Monday or Tuesday. Although the crate was roomy enough for such a small mite, I was still so torn each time we put him back in it…

We took turns taking him into the kitchen at feeding time so that he could get used to each voice and of course, our cuddles! Yes, he was occasionally peeing on the paper we put down for him, but he’d miss more often than not, but our kitchen floor is tiled, so no biggie. I am using a fair amount of anti-bacterial spray, baby wipes and kitchen roll, but hey-ho!

Flake has taken to going upstairs to bed early in the evening, which leaves us free to let Zeus enjoy evening play-time too! Whether it’s his noise that irritates her, or she just wants DD’s bed to herself, I am so grateful! It’s made the bonding so much easier for us.

I don’t know if all Staffies do this, but ours seem to have an “energy switch” – all of a sudden they’ll charge round the room/outside at Greyhound speed, until the switch goes off again. Zeus runs up and down with a blue rubber ring in his mouth and ends up flat out wherever he drops!


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