Day 2

We were so relieved that Zeus had slept through the night, we woke up more refreshed. I was still quite anxious about having to “crate” him – after having had dogs for more years than I care to remember, it seemed awful, but as Nick kept pointing out, we needed both dogs to get to know each other slowly. It was going to take time…

We got up, took the puppy downstairs with us and took him straight out for a wee. then we fed him – he was still wolfing his food down too quickly, but that was par for the course, having come from foster with a litter of pups, all fighting for food! 

We watched him wander about, sniffing everywhere, chewing the kitchen rug, looking for bits of leftover biscuits from Flake (who was still in bed!), and then the fun began. We had bought him a mini stagbar – previous experience of Flake’s jaw-power has taught that virtually nothing is “Staffy-proof”! They laugh at labels with the words ‘indestructible’ and ‘suitable for avid chewers’… 😉

Zeus picked up the stagbar and threw it about for fun. He spent a while gnawing it on his mat and then charged up and down with it. He played like this for about 30 minutes and then lay down, having expended his energy quota (briefly)!

We arranged with DD that she’d let us know when she was bringing Flake down so we could secure Zeus, and she sent us a text message in due course. He didn’t like going back in the crate and was very vocal about it too. For such a small dog, he has a big voice!

Flake was lovely when she came down, going to sniff “hello” to Zeus first and then ‘allowing’ us to greet her! We had to give her as much affection as she’d always enjoyed, so she didn’t feel that her place in our family was threatened in any way by Zeus’s arrival.

I went to work that afternoon and evening, finishing at 9.30pm and I’d been so worried about them, I was pretty stressed when I got in. However, all was well and both Zeus and Flake were excited to see me!

We watched a bit if telly with them and then Nick took Zeus up and I slept in DD’s bed with Flake, as she’d gone to a friend’s house for the night. It seemed to make Flake feel more secure and loved – and I did sleep well!! 🙂


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