The beginning

I wanted to document my experience of living with a rescue dog and then rescuing a pup. I’m not new to blogging, although I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a couple of years… My life has become defined by family these days and the dogs play such a huge part in it, that I wanted to record the journey!

It all started back in 2012 after my daughter experienced a personal tragedy and felt the need for a loyal companion of her own – someone for her to love. She read an article about dogs rescued from organisations that were using them for dog-fighting and was so moved by one particular story, that she decided to look into rescuing a dog herself. She contacted Loving Homes Dog Rescue – based in Devon, just across the border from us at the time – and made contact with a marvellous woman called Chris Dannan.

At that time, we had a German Shepherd, aged 10, who was both kind and gentle, and we agreed that if he was accepting of another dog, she could go ahead and rescue one. Our first “meet and greet” went badly – the proposed addition to the family was a rather nervous male who took umbrage to Thor’s overtures and nipped him on the nose, drawing blood. Disappointed, but not deterred, my daughter went back to the kennels and sought out another dog to love/rescue.

The next meeting went rather well – this time she had chosen a bitch, a white Staffy-X-EBT (English Bull Terrier), called Flake. Thor took to her immediately, she took to us and after she’d recovered from being spayed (neutered), she came to live with us after DD had completed all the necessary documentation, signed a contract, etc.

What followed was to change our lives forever, hence this blog…


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